Allied Media Projects

What makes a good proposal?

We prioritize sessions that include presenters who are great representatives of the topics being discussed and explored. For example, sessions exploring youth-based media making should ideally include a young person as a lead or co-presenter.

We look for sessions that offer a range of learning opportunities: from beginner to advanced.

Here is some of what makes a good AMC session:

  • A clear connection to media-based organizing.
  • Holistically explores solutions that span the internal, interpersonal, and systemic dimensions of a problem
  • Result in tangible resources and strategic next steps
  • Values the expertise of people most impacted by a problem to solve that problem
  • Creates collaboration and connection. (We love AMC sessions designed by multiple organizations or individuals, and that connect to an ongoing organizing process that extends beyond the conference.)
  • Aims to be accessible to as many people as possible, people of diverse abilities, experiences, ages, and backgrounds.
  • Hands-on, creative, imaginative, and fun