Allied Media Projects

I have a good idea, how do I start a new project or organization?

While AMP may not be able to provide specific advice on starting your new project or organization, we believe that the first step is to understand who may already be doing work with a similar mission and focus. It is important to ask whether it is necessary to start a new project, or are there already efforts underway in which you can get involved or play a supportive role?


Going from an idea to implementing a project or managing an organization is hard work. You will need to cultivate a network of supporters willing to offer their advice, resources, and time to your efforts. You will need to raise funds to support your project. You may wish to research how other similar projects have been funded to get an idea of which types of funding may be available to support your project.

As you develop your new project you may need to work with a fiscal sponsor such as Allied Media Projects to receive nonprofit funds and to access other supportive services. You also may wish to incorporate at the state level as a nonprofit and eventually pursue federal 501(c)(3) status. Seek legal advice when appropriate.